What does Harry believe?

How Do you Bring Jobs Back?

There's no magic button we can push to undo the exodus of capital we saw in Alberta. However, as a member of a UCP government Harry will fight to demonstrate to investors that instead of red tape, burdensome and restrictive regulations and job killing taxes, Alberta is open for business once again. 

How will he do that? He will push to end the hard cap imposed on our energy sector, which proudly boasts the world's most ethical, environmentally sound energy products available. On top of that, Harry will vote to lower business taxes, and work to ensure there are not unnecessary roadblocks for our job creators. 

Why oppose the Carbon Tax?

Quite simply, the Carbon Tax isn't environmental policy. It's about revenue generation. Economists have stated frankly that for Carbon Taxes to make a difference in consumer behavior, they would need to be more then $200 per tonne! Justin Trudeau and Rachel Notley have both said they are not planning to raise it that high, so why then are they making life more expensive for everyone? 

To finance their massive deficits! 

We need to have a conversation about preserving our beautiful province's environment, but that conversation needs to be based in facts. Let's talk about finding real solutions to ensure our rivers can be fished, our wildlife can thrive, and the natural beauty of Alberta is here for generations to come. Harry will pursue fact based policy to protect our environment, and will vote to scrap the NDP Carbon Tax on day one. 

What about Calgary Bow?

Calgary Bow has been Harry's home for more then a year. During that time, he has spoken with hundreds (if not thousands) of residents and members of the communities that make up Calgary Bow. The top two issues have been about jobs and the carbon tax, but there have been many other issues that are on people's mind as well. 

  • Flood Mitigation
    • Folks living along the Bow River know all too well the devastation a flood can bring. That's why we need to ensure we're prepared for the next one. Harry has heard from many constituents living in the areas impacted by the catastrophic flood of 2013 who are concerned that their voices have not been a part of the process. By voting for Harry Fleming, you're voting for someone who believes that an MLA's job is to reflect the voices of constituents, and in areas that fall outside of provincial jurisdiction- to amplify those voices so that other levels of government hear them clearly. 
  • Education 
    • Harry has heard from many parents who are concerned that choice in education is under attack. A vote for Harry is a vote for someone who will stand and defend choice in education. He will ensure that parents in Alberta continue to have a wide array of options for their kids to find the education that works best for their children.
    • Harry will work to empower locally elected trustees to bring forward solutions and confront the growing problems in our public education system. 
  • The Gravel Pit
    • People in Calgary Bow have been ignored. Although he was not a member of the community when advocates were putting together opposition to the noise and dust caused, it's clear that this stems from a lack of consultation and communication. Harry is committed to regular town halls, public meetings and active engagement with communities, community associations and constituents. The problem should have never gotten this bad, and by voting for a an individual committed to representing the voices of the community you can ensure there will never again be a situation where you are not heard. 
    • To confront the existing problems, Harry will engage directly with stakeholders and ensure that action is taken to ensure that your air is clean and noise is not left out of control. 


What about term limits?

Harry firmly believes that effective and representative democracy needs new voices, and fresh ideas. That's why he is committing to a maximum of two terms as the MLA for Calgary Bow.